New Job: When will you land one?

“When will I find a new job?” Are you waking up every day with this question running thru your mind!?   The holidays are here, and everyone says companies won’t be hiring during the holidays.  Should you still actively look for a new job now, or close your laptop and start over in January?

WHEN is the fourth step of getting a new job. 


First of all, consider if you’re ready to interview for a new job right now.  Have you discovered a gap in job qualifications that you need to get training for, a degree or certification first?  Have you addressed your anger at being laid off, or is there lingering bitterness that an interviewer will fault you for? Is the market trending well for your IDEAL job right now, or will it be considerably better in 2021, in a healthier economy?

You might be thinking, “I don’t have a choice.  I need income right now.”  If you aren’t ready for your ‘real’ job just yet for many reasons… if you need to stay home with the children until they go back to school, or you just don’t feel ready yet… there are other options.  A short term job, contract or temporary work, could be just the answer to pay the bills until both you and the economy are ready.  Plus, a ‘not so serious’ position gives you time to emotionally heal and transition from your former company.

I suggest a strategy of both short term and long term career planning when thinking about a new job.  Many adults finish up their college degrees in their 30’s or 40’s, or they work on a graduate degree in those years.  Long term, they plan a law career with a completed law degree or will seek senior leadership position with new MBA.   While in school, they often work in a job with less responsibility to spend their energy on their long term career goal.  A short term position can be found through many agencies, especially if you have specific administrative or IT skills that can be useful for a 6 month company project.

WHEN you land a job may be out of your control right now.  If you have worked in an industry that is heavily affected by the pandemic, it may be several years before it makes a comeback.  So, what do you do in that case?  I suggest you take charge and pivot!  

Review your transferable skills and look for another industry that not as negatively affected by Covid-19.  In these times, the more you can flex your skills and abilities the better.   For example, do you have an administrative background?  You may work in management currently,  but it’s impossible to find the right job at your level.  Consider a temporary job using your administrative skills from the past, a project or contract that keeps you bringing in income and keeps you out in the marketplace.  Do you have a hobby  working weekends rehabbing your house or tinkering with your car?  Your skills could be useful for real estate rehab projects, or a temporary job as a mechanic.  

WHEN you get back to work may be sooner than you think.  Or it could take time. Flexibility is a good answer for the short term. Keep your ideas going for your IDEAL long term job .  But a short term position may be a great quick solution.  There is a great job out there for you, but I encourage you to take control of what you can do now.

Jan Shurtz, Career and Life Coach

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