Invest In Your Future


If you find yourself stuck, lacking confidence, or facing burnout in your workplace hire a coach who acknowledges your qualities, strengthens your ability to tell your personal story, and shines a gentle light on any inner road blocks is perhaps all that stands between you and your goals.

To Do List

You’ll need a winning resume and cover letter, a networking strategy, honing your interview skills, an updated bio and more.

Help Is Here

Rely on the experience and expertise of a trained professional career coach to help you craft a winning resume, tell your story, and step into your passion.


The #1 Program

In the new year reward yourself with a career worth having.  Tap into the #1 program for self-discovery to uncover what it is that make you thrive at work.

jan shurtz

Hello, my name is Jan Shurtz, a Career Coach connecting people to passion.

As an Executive Career Coach, I inspire individuals to land not just a new job, but to launch a career that expresses their passion and life mission. 

Find it, a job with inspired leadership, work-life balance, and good culture.

Jan Shurtz has coached over 3,000 individuals through a powerful and effective proactive job change process. 

My candidates report a renewed self-confidence, awareness of their marketable skills and strategic career focus.

Schedule an introductory call

Before we decide to work together, let’s talk.  A quick introductory phone call will help us understand how to best move forward!

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