Practice! Practice! Practice!

When I was growing up, I took piano lessons, and every day my mother set a timer for 30 minutes, the time I had to practice the piano.  It wasn’t long before I could actually play a piece and over the years, I grew to enjoy the piano.  But it started with practicing.

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Getting ready for your next Interview!

Getting ready for an Interview takes practice.  “Why should we hire you?” “What do you like about our company?” “What is your biggest weakness?” “Tell me about a time that you failed, but recovered, from a mistake you made?”

To get ready, first study the job posting and the company website.  Be sure to understand the 5-10 competencies required to be hired.  Do you have most of these strengths in your work experience?  How will you prove that your experience matches these required strengths?  If there is a gap in your matching competencies, decide how you will talk about it in the interview. For example, you plan to take a course, get a new certification to gain the necessary skill required for the job.

Write out answers to 20 typical Interview Questions.  Then, read your answers out loud to yourself!

Next, ask a friend or family member to do a mock interview with you, asking you questions and give you feedback on your answers.  Are you making eye contact?  Are you sitting comfortably, but straight, in your chair?  Are you making any nervous movements with your hands, fiddling with your hair?

Practice every day for a few days until you are comfortable answering every question your friend asks you.

Your reward for all of this practice will be confidence when you arrive for your  interview, either on Zoom or in person.  Because of your practice, you have a higher chance you will be asked back for the next round of interviews.  Most of all, you will be ready, confident and actually enjoy your next interview.

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