How to Ace Behavioral Questions!

Behavioral Questions are normally used by hiring managers to understand what you will contribute to the company.  Their rationale is what you did in the past, you will likely do in the future.

Often, they will ask a question like…

“Tell me about a time you led a team through a conflict.  What did you do and what were the results?”


How to get ready for Behavioral Questions:

The first step in getting ready for behavioral questions is to make a quick list of your Career Successes, those projects and events in your past few years that you are proud of and even received recognition from your company or your manager.  Don’t overthink it.  Just get your ideas going!

Next, write out bullet points of each of your Success Stories using the following 3-point outline:

P:  What was the PROBLEM you worked on?

A:  What ACTION STEPS did you take to solve it?

R:  What was the RESULT of your actions?

You can expect a bonus from preparing your Success Stories!  

A better mood!  Self-confidence. Future focus.  New energy! And acing behavioral questions!

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