Change Careers or Make a Job Shift? How to Decide!

Masks are off!  Just about everywhere.  I can walk down the sidewalk without a mask.  I went to my gym, and I didn’t need to wear a mask.  I can eat out at restaurants, even inside. I grocery shop without fear of touching the basket handles without gloves.

Social media is blowing up with posts about the new work life.  Will we all go back to the office Monday thru Friday?  Work a hybrid, some home, and some at the office.  Or, work just remotely?  The buzz word seems to be, the ‘new reality.’

I wonder what the ‘new reality’ will be. Most agree that ‘there’s no real going back.’

Perhaps the question is, what ‘new reality” do we each want?

In response to this seismic shift in the work world, this may be a chance to make the work adjustments, even small changes, that could be life changing.  For example:

  1. Make an internal change at your current organization…transfer to another internal department with a known good boss and friendly team culture.
  2. Move to another company.  Often work stress is because of an acquisition, a new executive team, or a new boss.  Shifting to a similar job but at another company could be your great ‘new reality.’
  3. A slightly harder job change is doing the same kind of work in a new industry.  It is doable, however. A new industry could be a ‘new reality’, the change you’d like to make. The skill sets, for example, used in Sales, Finance, HR, Marketing, IT and Administration can all transfer from industry to industry.  This change will require a working knowledge of the new industry, how it is trending, and a network of new colleagues.
  4. Launching a completely new career could be a ‘new reality.’  A total career change is the most challenging, but definitely doable. A new career requires research, self-assessment, market assessment, a gap analysis of required skills and could involve further education or certifications. 

40% of the workforce says they would like to make a job change. 

Below are some questions to think about what the future might look like:

  1. In your current position, what do/did you particularly like?  Dislike?
  2. What kinds of things would you really like to change about your current job?`
  3. After experiencing the pandemic, if only I could, I would…..
  4. What are your feelings as a result of question 3?
  5. What overall vision do you have for your career if you had no limitations at all?
  6. What challenges do you believe keep you from accomplishing it?
  7. What are your biggest fears when you consider your career decisions and a transition?
  8. As a result of responding to these questions, I…………

Frequently, people contact me for an Inquiry Call, a free 30 minute conversation to talk over their potential career changes and how coaching would help make them successfully transition.

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Right now, we each have an incredible opportunity to create our ‘new reality.’  The job market is stronger than a year ago.  There’s a good chance we can successfully make a career change, whether moving over to a new department at a current company or launching a brand new career. 

Feel free to reach out if you have a ‘new reality’ in mind, or forward this email to a friend in transition.


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