Energize your career with a new perspective, new vision, and new goals.

Are you facing a career transition, dissatisfaction, stagnation, or burnout? A journey of guided self-discovery will uncover the best you and the best career for you! Through self-assessments and conversation, learn the value of your unique leadership and management style and the strategic steps to your next position.


Self-discovery Program

The Self-discovery Program provides invaluable information about you, like what you do well, your strengths and competencies, your best working environment, your best company culture and even what naturally motivates you. As a result, you will focus and land the best path for you.


  • Success Factor Analysis: Discover your strengths, interests, passion and values to gain career focus, interview readiness, and future career success whether as a leader or individual contributor.

  • DiSC assessment to discover your leadership, communication and work style. (Includes a 20-page detailed report with strategies to strengthen your work life.)

* Fees are paid in advance or monthly by credit card.