Ready for a new career? Hiring a Career Coach can provide you with career fit guidance and assessment tools that empower a smooth career transition.

You are brave! You can do it!  Hiring a career coach can reduce the complexity and work load that accompanies a career change. Discover what makes you unique through assessing, you – values, skills, abilities, specific knowledge, interests, career experience, and interpersonal work style. You’ll walk away renewed and ready to enter the next phase of your career change.


Career Change Programs

Tired of your current career and ready to make a practical step toward change? Whether you are starting a new career or you are looking for a deeper dive into where you fit into the career world, the Career Transition program and the Immersive Assessment program will provide you with great support along the way!

$875 – monthly (3 month minimum)

4/45-minute weekly sessions

Career Transition Program

The Career Transition program will have you walking boldly and strategically into a new career.


  • Delivered monthly over 3-6 months

  • Success Factor Analysis

  • Clarification of values, interests, strengths, competencies

  • Job Search and Networking strategies to land the right job

  • Interview preparation to ace traditional and behavioral interview questions

  • Updated resume and LinkedIn profile

* Fees are paid in advance or monthly by credit card or PayPal.


5/1 hour daily sessions

Intensive Career Assessment

The Intensive Assessment program provides invaluable information about you, like what you do well, your strengths and competencies, your best working environment, your best company culture and even what naturally motivates you. As a result, you will focus and land the best new career for you.


  • Assessments discussed with a coach 1 hour a day over 5 day period (assessments to be completed before coaching sessions)

  • Success Factor Analysis: You prepare 7 successful career related stories to talk over with your coach. Your strengths, interests, passion and values are discovered providing you with career focus, interview readiness, and future career success whether as a leader or individual contributor.

  • DiSC assessment to discover your leadership, communication and work style. (Includes a 20-page detailed report with strategies to strengthen your work life.)

  • MCode assessment to discover what motivates you. (Includes the book Motivation Code by Todd Henry).

  • Clifton Strengths assessment to discover the personal strengths you contribute to your work life. (Includes the book, Now, Discover Your Strengths, by Don Clifton).

* Fees are paid in advance or monthly by credit card or PayPal.