Hello, my name is Jan Shurtz, a Career Coach connecting people to passion.

As an Executive Career Coach, I inspire individuals to land not just a new job, but to launch a career that expresses their passion and life mission. 

Do I need a coach?

Find inspiration and clarity through group coaching led by Jan Shurtz. Learn more about who you are and how to lean into your strengths while enjoying the supportive perspective of those around you. All sessions are held via ZOOM.

Find it, a job with inspired leadership, work-life balance, and good culture.

Jan Shurtz has coached over 3,000 individuals through a powerful and effective proactive job change process. 

My candidates report a renewed self-confidence, awareness of their marketable skills and strategic career focus.

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Before we decide to work together, let’s talk.  A quick introductory phone call will help us understand how to best move forward!