Reinvigorate your passion and renew your sense of purpose. You deserve a sweet C-Suite life!

What do you do when faced with feelings of isolation and stagnation all while handling a barrage of daily demands at work and home? You hire a good executive coach to guide you! In our Executive Coaching Program we work together to find solutions to common and unique C-Suite woes. Walk away from each session with a sense of purpose and pride.


Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Program caters to the desired goals and outcomes of each client. However, you can expect a blend of light course work and reading, reflective prompts, assessments, and follow-up conversations.


  • Sessions 1-2: Exploration sessions to include appropriate assessments, thoughtful questions, and active listening to ensure the program targets the need.

  • Sessions 2-4: See yourself through an honest and refreshing lens, become aware of any blind spots, and learn to confidently retain your authenticity.

  • Sessions 5-6: Time to put thought into action. These sessions are reserved for implementation, reflection, and feedback.

* Fees are paid in advance or monthly by credit card.